7 Amazing Benefits of Riding An E-Bike As an Entrepreneur


7 Amazing Benefits of Riding An E-Bike As an Entrepreneur

The e-bike is the future, but…

But only if we, as entrepreneurs, establish it as the next best thing. The nature of an entrepreneur means that you’re usually a step ahead of the crowd and leading that crowd towards top-tier products. This job usually isn’t easy; you have to show your peers your unwavering belief in something before it has even landed.

However, e-bikes have made your job a whole lot easier since it’s easy to believe in a product such as this.

Increased Endorphins

E-bikes, like any exercise, increase your endorphins (i.e. your “happy feelings”) and as a hard-working, multi-tasking entrepreneur, you need all the positivity you can get to motivate you to do better and be better every day.

Enhanced Physical Health

It’s of the utmost importance to be in good physical shape to meet your goals as an entrepreneur. Look at Tyler Perry, he consistently produces great films, and I can bet that being in shape and incorporating an hour-long workout regime into his daily routine has helped him with his current success.

Being an entrepreneur means being at the top of the game, not just in business, but also in regards to your health.

Improved Mental Health

Not only does exercise give you that positive rush of endorphins, but it provides you with much-needed self-care to get your day started off right.

Louise Delagran, a writer, researcher, and former editor of Taking Charge of Your Health and Whole Systems Healing says that “Being in nature or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings.”

Riding your e-bike to work or even recreationally in a park can prove to be one of the best things you can do to improve your mental health and have you feeling rejuvenated.

More Savings

If you’re a small business owner or just starting out as an entrepreneur, you, more than anybody else, know how important it is to save your money. Using an e-bike as a mode of transportation, not even as your sole mode of transportation, can help you save exponentially what you may have lost in the cost of gas (e.g. “most bikes cost less than a penny per mile to charge”) or the cost of public transportation.


Time is money. And being stuck in traffic, while commuting to work, is probably one of the worst things that can happen to you as an entrepreneur. You have meetings to attend and work to complete, so riding an e-bike will be a godsend will help you manage your time wisely and get what you need to get done.

An e-bike makes you both a driver and a pedestrian, so when traffic is heavy, you can switch into pedestrian mode and easily navigate out of the congested roadways and guarantee a fast and easy commute to work.

Alternative to Regular Bikes

You know that feeling you get when you’re riding a bike and you’re confronted with a massive hill? The feeling of insurmountable anxiety that rushes through you? Well, you can kiss that feeling goodbye, since e-bikes make climbing those hills and other tasks that are difficult on a regular bike a breeze.

E-bikes essentially have three additional parts: a motor, a display, and a battery. When you pedal, you choose the amount of assistance you want, ranging from eco to sport to turbo. Based on your decision, the motor increases from 125% to 300% without you having to put in any extra effort.

Environmental Benefits

We’ve all heard the horrors of greenhouse gases and how car emissions are slowly killing our planet. E-bikes support a better tomorrow since they “emit 40 to 140 times fewer pounds of greenhouse gases than a 30 mpg gas car.”

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