10 Facts That Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Success of Buzzfeed


10 Facts That Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Success of Buzzfeed

There’s no question that Buzzfeed is one of the most popular media platforms out there.

It attracts people of all ages, with its bubbly, kid-friendly quizzes on its main site, while it also appeals to adolescents and adults with its more mature content found on its alternate site, Buzzfeed Reader. As such, there are quite a few things that our entrepreneurial readers can learn from this company.


This media conglomerate hosts a variety of content on various platforms.

  • Unsolved for horror buffs.
  • Tasty for their audience of muckbangers and food aficionados.
  • Buzzfeed Reader for serious types who want to keep up-to-date on the news.
  • Buzzfeed Celeb for viewers who want to see their fave celebs vibing with their co-stars.
  • Worth It for prudent people who want to see if buying a $250 meal of sushi is worth more than buying a store-brand version of the same meal for only $3.
  • As/Is for women and femme types who want to be informed on beauty, fashion, style, and the female experience.


Nowadays, people aren’t passive. They want to be a part of all the cool trends and movements going on, and Buzzfeed meets them on this with tons of polls and quizzes and even allows readers to write for the site by pitching to the editor.


Buzzfeed provides people with creators and content that they can identify with, such as videos on having crushes in the workplace, making weed brownies, and, of course, countless videos on the awkward moments that we’ve all experienced.

Buzzfeeders are just like us.


Along with relatability is the platform’s modesty. No matter how much the platform and its content creators have grown over the years, they still remain humble and down-to-earth. For instance, you won’t find Julissa Calderon or Curly Velasquez showing off their wealth or acting like they’re above their fans. In fact, they fangirl just like us, during their celeb interviews.


It’s no secret, that many of us watch Buzzfeed for its sometimes kitschy content, as well as for the numerous celebrity interviews. And on its sister Youtube channel, Buzzfeed Celeb, you’ll find several actors, actresses, singers, Youtubers, and more answering questions about their lives, movie roles, and more thanks to the platform’s hilarious questionnaires.

And we can’t forget about how they complement their celebrity content with the cutest of puppies!


Buzzfeed remains up-to-date on all the news, whether it’s political stories involving the president or governmental leaders or features on the latest in literature, as well as trending celebrities, movies, and t.v. shows.


Despite popular belief, Buzzfeed isn’t just for laughs. The media outlet continuously provides readers with life-saving content on mental and physical health, in addition to resources for help with common disorders and diseases, respectively, e.g. major anxiety, depression, diabetes, endometriosis, and more.


Thanks to #BLM, #ALM, and several other movements, diversity is now at the forefront of society. People want to be informed on important matters like racial equity, the wage gap, and they want to understand terms like microaggression and white guilt. But more than anything BIPOCs want to see themselves in the media. Buzzfeed provides all of this and more.


One of the best parts about Buzzfeed is that it doesn’t take itself seriously. While you can find serious news-related content on the platform, there’s also a host of polls that can guess the type of man or woman you’ll marry based on your favorite type of burger, salad, or another entree. They bring a lot of levity to the harshness of life.


Throughout their content, you’ll recognize a few experts in the field of cooking, physical and mental healthcare, and more, so people seek out this platform for the facts, as well as the entertainment it provides.


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