13 Reasons Entrepreneurs Have a Hard Time Finding Good Help!

Every entrepreneur I’ve ever come across has complained about this at one time or another.”Finding good help” it’s one of the greatest challenges of most entrepreneurs. So what is the problem? First and foremost, many times in our search it’s a last ditch effort. We will never make the best decisions at the last minute. I too have suffered through trying to find the right people for a much-needed job, taking the time to train them or worse yet, training them and they fall through then allow myself to get frustrated and ending up doing the job myself. As we all know, this turns us against hiring other people, our lesson becomes, it’s better just to do the job ourselves. But is it? I did a survey and asked several entrepreneurs how they find the right people I’ve also included my own experience on how I try to make the process easier. Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

Looking in the Wrong Places


Quite often, entrepreneurs are friends with other entrepreneurs or we rely heavily on them as well as contacts on social networks in the search to find someone to do a job. This is a HUGE mistake. We have to keep in mind, that quite often, our friends and people in social networks know a lot of “unemployed” people. To make matters worse, in a lot of situations, they’re either related to those people or friends with them. They are doing those people a favor because they “need a job” rarely because YOU “need a job DONE.” Their loyalty extends to their family and friends or whatever the situation may be. It does not extend to you. They’re not often thinking that this is wasting your time as much as they are thinking the relative or friend just needs money. In addition, this could be destructive to your relationship with the person.

One of my greatest pet peeves, is wasting time. So in essence, the last person you should ask for help to hire someone is a friend or business associate. Sometimes it does but moreover, it rarely works out. You need to be able to maintain your composure and remove all emotion or obligation when hiring someone and express your dismay when the job has not been done to your standards. You lose control of the situation when you depend on friends and business associates to help. There’s a good chance you may need to fire the person and this probably won’t sit well the original contact. (Click NEXT above or below for next segment)

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