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14 Things Successful business Owners Do

There are many things that set winners and losers apart in the small business game.  I’m sure you have heard the old saying… find your passion and the money will come. That’s incredibly true and passion is FIRST. If you are in business ONLY to make money chances are you will fail miserably. You will not be dedicated to the creative end or quality service and it will be garbage in and garbage out. For the true entrepreneur who wants to win… here are some tips.  (click “NEXT” to see each segment)


1. Create Win/Win Strategies

If you are going in and trying to create ways to benefit yourself only you will NEVER and I mean NEVER grow. The client will not see the advantage of working with your brand (unless it is SUPER successful) and you will appear as a greedy, selfish opportunist


2. Give Credit to others

There are some entrepreneurs who will tell you to always take credit for what your business does and make it APPEAR you are doing everything but I don’t agree with that. Once again, it appears selfish and behind every successful entrepreneur there is HELP. Give credit where it is due and your employees will appreciate you more.

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