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24/7 MORE Things Working in the Music Industry Has Taught me About Life

Always Aim Higher

There are times that we get stuck and we like to blame the world and the circumstances for our inability to progress but the truth is, like the old adage the world doesn’t owe us a damn thing. It’s our fault. We hold ourselves prisoner to shitty situations and stay in them thinking that the situation will change to our benefit and that’s just bad math. Why would you wait for something that you CAN’T control instead of doing you CAN control?  It’s as simple as moving. If you gamble on someone else creating the life that you want and deserve you are playing a losing hand. Get your lazy ass up and get it yourself.

I took several jobs where I was promised greater pay after ‘proving myself.’ That’s why it’s rather ironic that radio is now on the opposite end of that spectrum with Millenials and Gen Z’ers who call the shots on THEM. Many people have a bad perception of Millenials because they don’t dedicate themselves to things that don’t work for them. Please help me to understand what’s wrong with that?

I had one Millenial working for me who I gave an assignment to who told me “I’m not interested in doing that!” I had to laugh because he reminded me of myself and the reason I started my own business. I could appreciate his honesty and hope that he can appreciate that I will not hire him for any more projects any time soon but I still respect him. I’d rather have him tell me that than to do a shitty job of putting the project together because he has a phone cell bill to pay. When a job is poorly done it is evident and there are a TON of people who only do the job for a check instead of a passion for the project. I would venture to say Millenials in their thinking are right and WE are wrong. Many of us allowed ourselves to stay in situations for years that we knew the first year wasn’t in our favor. Completely wasted time.

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