30 Days to Two New businesses

starting a business

For the past 10 years, I have been unchallenged in my current main business which is a blog for the music industry. It does well and I make a great living from it but I don’t have that leap-out-of-bed-to-face-the-day feeling anymore. True black entrepreneurs know what I’m talking about. Those of us who have had success have experienced that feeling of achievement and gratitude with our business, it’s like being head over heals in love but when that feeling is gone it’s up to you to move on or to get others to run your business for you. In my case, since it’s a specialty business it’s not only difficult, it’s almost impossible to find people who work in the entertainment industry who can write. You can find people who are WRITERS in the entertainment industry but it’s rare that you can find someone who has a major skill besides that.

I’m getting older and the industry will not be the way it is right now for me forever so when you have a few pennies stored, contrary to popular belief that’s not the time to REST… it’s the time to GET TO WORK. Think about how LONG it took you to get to the point where you have extra income!!! Many of us have worked so hard to get here we think we deserve a break and we do, but that’s called a vacation NOT a new car or home yet (unless you have REALLY hit the jackpot)

The two businesses I am getting off the ground are my art business The Art Dive and my Voiceover business. I have assigned someone to handle my main business while I work on getting these two off the ground. Since I am a full time student, I’m actually juggling 3 balls at once. Stay tuned.

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