4 Essentials of a Solid Small business Website

Essentials of a Solid Small business Website

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If you are running a small business, your small business website is the door that allows people inside. It would be fruitless to spend countless hours brainstorming and developing your business, only to let your website be lacking in what it needs to engage potential customers.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

Having a dynamic, effective website is your number one resource in marketing your brand. Without it, no one will even know you exist. So, without further delay, here are 4 essentials of a solid small business website.

A clear description of your services

black owned, black entrepreneurs, gig, side hustles

They say the average person’s attention span is now about 3 seconds long. If someone visits your site but can’t figure out who you are and what your services are, they will quickly move on.

Make your business description stand out. Don’t worry about being too creative or clever. Instead, focus on quality and clarity. Announce your services in a way that draws attention and solves a problem—clearly and effectively.

Some attention-grabbing options are thought-provoking questions, stunning images, or enticing calls-to-action. These will reap far better results than a homepage that fails to represent the exact services you offer. Take some time to form a clear mission statement, then come up with a short slogan that clearly describes your brand. (Read here for more ideas.)

Easy navigation

black owned, black entrepreneurs, gig, side hustles

Your website menu needs to be kept simple and prominent. Don’t make the site visitor have to search for your menu options. Keep it free from unnecessary clutter and only include what is most important. Also, be sure to make your site mobile friendly. Fortunately, most WordPress themes now integrate mobile navigation.

Consider having a search bar a the top of your homepage for those who might be looking for a specific service. If your business sells products, make sure ordering is made as easy as possible. Try including an “always free” button and offer valuable resources leading to your paid products.

If people actually take the time to read through an entire page on your site, it’s helpful if they can continue browsing by having menu options along the footer as well. Easy navigation is essential for your small business site!

A clear call to action

black owned, black entrepreneurs, gig, side hustles

Calls to action, otherwise known a CTAs, can be confusing. Especially when businesses try to be too creative, the specific call to action may be unclear. Keep your CTA simple and direct. For example, if you are in the business of selling fishing lures, make your call to action something that will draw people in, such as a free fishing report or guide. Before long, you will have a substantial email list and client base. Here are some great examples of calls to action that really get results.

4. Prominent contact information

black owned, black entrepreneurs, gig, side hustles
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Don’t forget to create an easy-to-use contact form on your site. No matter how much information you give, some people might want to inquire about a specific need. Make your email address, phone number, and contact information easily available on every page of your site. Don’t make your visitor have to hunt for a way to get a hold of you. It’s alright to have discussion forums that answer common questions, but always include a direct way to contact you and be clear about how long it will take you to respond. Communication is key to a solid business website.

People don’t care about fancy websites as much as they care about finding a solution to their problem. By implementing these 4 essentials on your small business website, you’ll be setting yourself up for small business success.

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