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5 Reasons Why it may be time to LEAVE Your business


business is like Marriage. There is love, then the union the honeymoon then you get to really know the ins and outs of your business. Finally your business can change on you, it may lose its attraction to you or you to it and if you stay in it for the sake of the money, the clients will know and they will not be getting the best service. End the marriage while things are still going somewhat well and you can both leave the situation happy. Start a new relationship (business) beforehand. Here are a few tips to help along the way with making your decision. Click NEXT below to see the segments —————————–

You don’t Enjoy Doing it Anymore

This is the BEST reason. Isn’t this why you started your business in the first place? You were tired of working for someone else when you could do it on your own? Well now that you are on your own why are you waiting to leave? As entrepreneurs we are doing what we LOVE first then the money comes. When it’s the reverse and we are doing it because we can do it and not because we WANT to do it, it’s time for a change. You are not married to your business like you think you are. Can you sell it? That should be the first option that you look at. Make sure you understand Capital Gains laws and don’t let that deter you from moving on if it gets confusing.  click “NEXT” above or below for next reason


There’s been a major change in your industry

Sometimes there can be a major change in your industry where budgets are not what they once were and you find yourself stable or struggling in your business. Don’t want until you go backwards. You may have also aged-out of your business and you don’t get or command the customers, clients or fees that you once did. The worse thing that we can fear is getting old and hanging on to something that is dead. Once it’s gone it’s gone and it’s best to leave when you are on top instead of when you are broke.

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