5 Reasons Potential Clients are Not Buying Your Services

reasons clients don't buy your services

Clients Are Not Buying Your Services? Here’s Why …

No matter what business you are in, if a client doesn’t see the perceived value of what you do, you won’t be in business for long. How do you achieve that? First and foremost you MUST find a hole and fill it in and fill it well in order to have a successful business, second make sure you are not perceived as an annoyance. MOST entrepreneurs are perceived that way for several reasons. They are listed below click “next” above or below and Enjoy..

You are Overcharging/Clients Don’t see the Value

Some of us overcharge for our services based on our tenure instead of our brand, experience in business or ability to run a business. Most clients don’t want a confrontation with you so they won’t tell you that you are charging too much they will simply decline the offer. If you think this may be the problem, there are hints they will often give you like: “We don’t have the money in our budget” at that point you can ask “What can you afford to spend?” They will probably low ball you to test you out at that point and what you can do is negotiate up a bit from there to secure the business. If they say “We don’t have it in our budget” they are giving you a chance to meet them halfway. Take it, it’s better to have something than nothing at all. Just make sure you tell them it’s an introductory offer to show how effective your services are, or something like that.

You Beg and Look Pathetic

starting a business

Nobody wants to be USED and business people are not stupid. I get two kinds of calls daily: those who have their budgets in place, see the value of what I do and are ready to buy NOW (these are the clients I LOVE the most) and those who want to use my brand to make money for themselves but they position it like they are helping me. For example.

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