8 Reason’s You Should NOT do Favors in Small business


Reason’s You Should NOT do Favors in business

You work hard for what you have and you have done a great job at holding it together. Don’t waste your valuable business time and energy on people who want you to bend over backwards to offer them services for free or at outrageous discounts. People of ALL business types will try to pull a fast one on you by asking for unreasonable things that don’t help you grow they actually HURT your business. Keep in mind, IF THEY CONTACT YOU… YOU are in the driver’s seat baby. NOT THEM. Don’t give them control of the road that leads to YOU and what you have to offer. Read on…. (click “next” after each segment above or below)

1. What’s the Return for a LACK of investment?


8 Reason’s You Should NOT do Favors in business

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