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Entrepreneur Mistakes: Wasting Money by Not “Paying” Attention


Stop Wasting Money by Ignoring your bank, credit card statements, and bills.

Wasting Money

You would be amazed at how much you are wasting money each month. Many mistakes can be on your bills and your credit card statements.  Medical bills are usually loaded with overcharges.  if you go see a doctor and they send you those bills for extra services that they claim the insurance company did not cover for $30 or $40 or even $400.00. Notice that they rarely send you an itemized bill WITH services on it. They will send you a list of numbers and codes. Most people simply pay it but I have a relative who does medical billing that hipped me to this years ago. It’s a trick. DEMAND a bill with services on it. They often use outside companies to do their billing who are told to use codes. Only insurance companies can understand these codes but MANY times you are being OVERBILLED. If the insurance company doesn’t cover it you are obligated to make up the difference and for hypochondriacs like me, that can get costly (lol). That money adds up.

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Bank and Credit Cards?

Bank and credit card statement are also often loaded with errors. Credit card statements have charges on them for services you’re not even using. For example, you may subscribe to something and forget that you subscribed to it and you are repeatedly being billed month after month. I have an excellent suggestion for this, get the app “Clarity Money.” It keeps track of all your accounts including payments and subscriptions and even your stocks. The app allows you to cancel the subscriptions you are not using on it, which is very convenient. It’s free and secure with a password.

Finally, the good thing is that you can call many companies and request that they remove the subscription charges. They will usually take it off because they don’t want the credit card company to give them a bad ranking. If this happens they will not be able to charge other people who have the same credit card.

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