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African American Online Marketer Shows How Successful, Profitable Events can be Hosted

African American Online Marketer Shows How Successful, Profitable Events can be Hosted

Live events are one of the most promising ways to promote a service or product for business purposes and to really pay attention to potential customers.

“87% of consumers said they purchased the product or service of the brand at a later date after an event.”

Seminars and live events are that at a steady pace in US markets, and not just in corporate space, small businesses can also benefit from face-to-face customer interaction. Meet Born Logic God, 9Logic’s developer. With his Eventbrite Masterclass, Allah has created a system to help business owners and entrepreneurs understand how to digitally organize successful events and make a profit.

This 2 hour, step-by-step online video learning is designed to help business owners with little or no experience, share what they do with more people through one of the most powerful ways to promote a product or service, live events.

“What better way to get a person to buy what you’re doing than encouraging them to test drive and see what you’re selling them,” Logic comments.

He has been researching and experimenting with hosting events over the past 3 years to learn best practices mainly through the popular Eventbrite online platform. “I made a ton of mistakes and a lot of money lost so you don’t have to,” God said. Including non-profits, cultural festivals, independent film screenings and architectural tours, his organization stages 12-15 events per year. Events that ranged from 50 people to more than 1,000 people and grossed from $300 to $4,000 everywhere.

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