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Lack of Business Support: Are Black People Blocking the Success of Black Businesses?

Black Customers Can Help a Black Owned Businesses Reputation Management

I have always said, if someone has a crappy product, don’t support it. But at least TELL THEM WHY are you not supporting it instead of talking about them and laughing behind their backs to other black people or even worse …. mixed company. It is one thing for YOU not to support a black business but why would you convince others to do the same?

Running a business is an amazing process but it’s also outrageously taxing. I personally have been repeatedly told: “Kev, I want to support you but if I do then I will get multiple calls from (others in the industry) asking why I’m supporting you and not them.” I have heard this repeatedly from the labels in my own business some stating competitors have even cried on the phone or cussed them out for not supporting them but supporting me and they have been around longer than me or they do the same thing I do. Nonetheless, in the digital industry, this can be proven with a few clicks that generate instant reports but we are still dedicated to all or nothing at all. Where there are limited resources there are interesting stories.

As a community, I think most black entrepreneurs understand our consistent need in lieu of the lack of opportunities presented to us. But why is it that if we don’t have the resources to help EVERYBODY we don’t help ANYBODY?

In the entertainment industry, we have been trained to think that tenure is paramount but that’s a falsehood. The 16-year-old hit recording artist sitting at the head of the table at a label couldn’t care less about how many years a PD, a DJ or anyone has been in the game, he is most concerned with who is the most effective TODAY!. This is a lifestyle industry, youth driven and value-based. What you did 10, 5 or even 2 years ago is nice but does it count today? Unfortunately, the rules are NOT the same on the other sides of the music industry, there are people as old as Moses who still have successful businesses and promoting the best songs by Frank Sinatra. The difference between them and us in any business … they have direct access to the upper echelon.

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