Are FedEx Retail Rates HIGHER if you Have an Account?


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Shouldn’t Retail Rates be LOWER as a Benefit to Having an Account?

The other day I was at FedEx and I was mailing a package.  I was told never to use the standard FedEx retail rate but to always use the three-day “Express Saver” rate which is supposed to be the cheapest rate. On this particular time, I paid cash and I immediately noticed it was cheaper than when I use my FedEx account. This seemed odd to me. I had paid $9.00 for the Express save to send a client a magazine but when I used my account to send it the same way a couple of weeks before it was almost twice that price for the same weight?

I asked the woman behind a counter why was there a price difference when I have an account and she said it actually cost more when you use your account? I asked her how is that possible. Should I have a benefit for having an account? She said you have to work your way towards the discount by the amount of money that you spend and that the discount is offered for people who didn’t have accounts. This made absolutely no sense to me.

FedEx Retail Rates vs Account Rates

Using FedEx quite a bit and mailing quite a few things I’ve obviously wasted quite a bit of money having an account I immediately thought. You may want to check and make sure that you’re not overspending too. A simple phone call may help. Once again the best rate with FedEx is doing the 3-day Express Saver. Ask what the difference is between doing it with cash or with your business account. Let us know about your experience in the comments

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