Author : Kevin Ross

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The Powerhouse Behind the Largest African American Owned Fundraising Firm, Raising $800 Million!

Kevin Ross
Dwayne Ashley, founder and CEO of Bridge Philanthropic Consulting (BPC) is the man who thinks big and bold, coupled with strategic thinking and wise council...

Five Tips Letting You Know It’s Time to Leave Your Business

Kevin Ross
or those of us who have succeeded in business we know that feeling of leaping out of bed and looking forward to the day. There...

BUSINESS: 10 Things We Can All Learn from Byron Allen

Kevin Ross
[caption id="attachment_243377" align="alignnone" width="1633"] (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Culture Creators)[/caption] [penci_blockquote style="style-3" align="none" author="Byron Allen "]"I don't want to play in the Negro...

PODCAST: Entrepreneur Torrel Harris Talks about Negotiating 180 Million Contract for Son Tobias, Philadelphia 76ers

Kevin Ross
  OVERSTOCK | WALMART | KOHLS | MACYS | LIQUIDWEB Torrel Harris recently negotiated the most significant contract in Philadelphia 76ers history with Tobias Harris...

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