Entrepreneur Burnout: Most Important Things to Avoid it

i-m-too-stressed-21631901Yep, first and foremost we KNOW it takes a GREAT deal of effort to hire someone in the first place, you are concerned about paying them and you have to take the time to train them. You wonder if it’s worth it. The answer my friends is YES it is. You will KILL yourself working 14 hour days, the years will fly by and you will not have a life. I know MANY entrepreneurs who endure this on a day to day and it’s not smart. You CAN hire someone and you DON‘T have to do the work yourself, you just have to find ways to pay them like hiring them a month at a time or part time. When we make money that is NOT the time to go out and treat yourself to a new car or some extravagant gift (though you should treat yourself) but this is the time to ease the tension and to fork over some of the day to day to someone else to free you up to focus on the things you probably have been ignoring like sales or billing. You will certainly hire the wrong people from time to time as I have and here are some suggestions to avoid costly mistakes in hiring… (click “NEXT” after each segment above or below)


Hire people who have a career interest in your field.

THE AVENGERSI have struck gold with this several times. When People feel like there is a benefit to them, they tend to show more interest and they are more eager to work. Make sure you are not greedy and preventing them from meeting people in your field but meet the first few people with them to see how they represent themselves and your business.

Interns are Nice BUT…

i-m-too-stressed-21631901They are doing if for college credit and you may find some great ones or you may find others that are a complete waste of your time. If they are doing a full load during the semester, they are going to be very busy and they may not be able to dedicate the time and effort you need.

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