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BEAN Now is an app founded and created by Entrepreneur Darren Walker, to utilize the available asset and resource of the black nation. It is a social network app that aims to promote relationships amongst African Americans. The app is currently running on iOS and Android platforms. The name BEAN is short for Black Economic Advancement Network. The app will bring together local business owners, black entrepreneurs, and professionals.

With single swipe users, can link up with black entrepreneurs and professionals and get access to tools and resources that will enable them to start their business. By participating in activities on the site, users can get more revenues, profits, and social confirmation from peers. What stands BEAN out from other social media app is because it is designed exclusively to meet the economic needs of the black community, unlike other apps that link persons with like mind and interest.

The founder of BEAN said he was motivated to create the app after he read reports that the majority of African-Americans are behind other races when it comes to economic growth despite having the 16th largest buying power in the world. Darren Walker is from Louisiana and the youngest of six children, hence have practical knowledge of what the people in his community have to face in other to get networking opportunities that will lead to their growth. BEAN’s goal is to create a digital platform that makes it easy for black-owned businesses to be supported. It also serves as a platform to educate young black entrepreneurs and encourage youth to start their own business.

BEAN Now currently offers a free membership as well as premium memberships, which unlocks a number of exclusive offers. To learn more visit and download the app in the iTunes and Google Play stores.

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