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Black Entrepreneurs Launch Healthcare App That Enables Users to Interact With Medical Practitioners

The invention of a new technology, the Healthguv app, is geared towards making medical social networking easier. Before the advent of the app, Healthguv, since its inauguration, has been a social media platform for getting medical information and interacting with medical practitioners.

The healthguv social media website has gathered hundreds of followers from different parts of the world, who are eager to connect with persons with like medical issues and also medical experts. The new healthguv app seeks to make the interaction smoother and faster while ensuring that it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The app was launched during the summer, and it is already flourishing within the healthcare network.

The Healthguv app was diligently designed just like the social networking website by a group of medical experts. The aim of the app includes; to more effectively bring the global society together, easy exchange of information between members, and easy access to professional advice and discussion of treatment options on the go.

The founders of healthguv believe the platform has been very useful in creating awareness about various medical challenges and hopes that the healthguv app will make the objectives of the healthguv more accessible and feasible. Information about various topics ranging from musculoskeletal conditions, skincare, chronic ailments, children’s health, and many more can be accessed at the fingertip of members.

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