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Black-owned Firm launches Financial Literacy Curriculum to Reduce Wealth Gap For Future Generations

A black-owned firm, Black Wallstreeter Consultation Services is rendering a financial education curriculum for young lads. The primary purpose of the course is to make youth financial literate and disciplined, hence reducing the wealth gap for the coming generations. The course is named “Junior Wallstreeters: Empowering youth with Financial Wellness.”

The class being offered by Wallstreeter is unique from that being provided by other firms. Wallstreeter’s financial literacy class will cover, introduction to financial literacy concepts, tools on starting and running an investment club, and investing in the stock market. One of the topics above will integrate Kevon and Kamari Chisolm’s ebook title Financial Legacy: Building Wealth Through Investment Clubs.

The Investment club aspect is what stand Wallstreeter literacy classes out from that of others. With this aspect, the participants will be able to practically apply the financial knowledge from the course in stock markets investment. Hence, participants become equipped with the resources they need to become investors of top brands such as McDonald’s, Nike etc. Vance High School in Charlotte, North Carolina has adopted the curriculum.

Wallstreeter is organizing Junior Wallstreeter camps during the summer of next year, with the adoption of the same curriculum discussed above.

Visit the Wallstreeter website for further information.

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