black owned, black black entrepreneurs, gig, side hustlesThe latest earbud released by Figgers communication is second to none in the market. With this earbud, you will be able to speak to anyone, anytime from any part of the world, without bothering about the language the other person is speaking. The earbud is comfortable and stays firmly in your ears. The amazing part is that you can get all of these mouth-watering functions for just $49.99. I bet you won’t dispute the fact that the F-Buds have set a new pace and a big shoe for other firms in the industry to chase.

black owned, black black entrepreneurs, gig, side hustlesAccording to the company, the earbud also offers 50 hours of talk time after a full charge and up to 100ft of clear sound with Google voice command. The company left no stone untouched while designing the F-Buds. The earbud is also water-resistant, which makes it remain dry and not fall off during severe exercise and during the rain.

Once the F-bud is put into its case, it takes only 30minutes for a complete charge. This is the only earbud in the market as of now that will translate any language (when you pair it with and F-3 along with Google translate), allowing you to do international business seamlessly.

Figger Communications is the youngest telecommunication firm in the industry. It is headed by a young and intelligent magnate Freddie Figgers.

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