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Women Millionaires Live Event


Defy Impossible, Inc., a leading global hygiene and forest products company, has selected Be Next Entertainment to deliver a range of digital services to help maximize the outcomes of Defy Impossible, Inc.’s upcoming Women Millionaires Live! Event (BWM). As Principal Defy Impossible, Inc. Marketing and Event Director, Be Next Entertainment will provide analytics and interactive marketing expertise to support the BWM Live! Event and raise its profile with global audiences through multiple digital channels. BWM is a 3-day event being held October 10-12, 2014 at the Four Seasons Resorts and Spa, Dallas, Las Colinas.

Be Next Entertainment will deliver a range of solutions and services to Defy Impossible through its event direction and marketing arms. This includes the development and provision of an online portal that will be at the heart of Defy Impossible’s online presence at BWM. The center will deliver social media monitoring and analysis of BWM’s performance across all relevant marketing channels. Be Next Entertainment will also provide service design and realization of mobile marketing activities such as apps, as well as guidance on shaping, localizing and delivering its communications campaigns to audiences in multiple markets covered in the campaign.

“As the Principal Defy Impossible, Inc. Marketing and Event Director, we’re committed to bringing the best of analytics and interactive marketing capabilities to Defy Impossible. This will bring the excitement of the event to the company’s supporters, reach new audiences for Defy Impossible and expand their followers,” said Theresa Campbell, chief executive officer, Be Next Entertainment.

Dr. Venus Opal Reese, chief executive officer, Defy Impossible, said: “Our signature event, Women Millionaires Live!, is a great marketing opportunity for us to spread knowledge about Defy Impossible and our brands, such as Get Money VIP and Big Money Message. With support from Be Next Entertainment, we will be able to precisely target our audiences, providing them with announcements on our company’s events and products. Engaging people through interactive digital channels plays an important role in Defy Impossible’s global success.”

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About Defy Impossible, Inc.
As a staggeringly effective business Mentor for Women, Dr. Venus Opal Reese is in the business of teaching purpose-driven high achieving sisters who’ve walked through life’s fire how to create or grow a 6- or 7-figure business that is rooted in your worth. When we transform your mindset, messaging, and marketing, you get freedom, clarity, confidence and the ability to make as much cash as you want–for a lifetime. Then you are unleashed to kick the door off the hinges to make your mark, and make the difference you were uniquely crafted by life to make. http://www.defyimpossible.com

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