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Business Development: Overheard Coffee Shop Entrepreneur Conversations

Spot Coffee in Buffalo, New York. A business that gets a high mark on our best run businesses.

A Trip Turns into a Great Education on Business Development

In 2017 I took a 1-week trip to help out a few family members. In the process, I managed to find several great coffee shops which were much less burdensome than major marking cash cow shops.  I got SO much accomplished and learned a gread deal in business development in that one week I decided to extend my trip and ended up staying for 8 months. In the process of visiting the coffee shop, and a few others I always managed to be sitting near others having a business meeting. Usually, owners aiming to be successful entrepreneurs with someone soliciting them for their business or them interviewing someone for a job.

I was not eavesdropping as much as I was overhearing the conversations (OK, maybe I was eavesdropping). I’ve made some of the very mistakes that the owners were talking about and about to dive in and get a hard lesson themselves. Without disclosing who said what here are some of the things I heard…

GROW Your Business – Avoid These Typical Business Owner Mistakes That make Life HELL!

There are certain things that we may not be aware of that could be hurting our business. Here are a few tips to help you along the way. I wouldn’t say that being a business owner is hard work as much as I would say it can be challenging. As we all know if you love what you do and you do what you love it’s never “work” But I can certainly take a lot out of you. Nevertheless, there are certain things I can get in the way of your progress some of which can literally make you not want to work for the rest of the day But on the other end of that spectrum there are things that we do that we’re not aware of the make people not want to work with us.

There are certain things that you should avoid and At the same time, Should not allow others to do when it affects business On both sides. But Let’s focus on you And your business for the story – Here are some tips that I’ve learned over the years that can make your business run a lot smoother her and hoping steps help. Click Next above or below to see the next segment

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