Cab Companies Ignored Technology now Ride Sharing Creates Slew of Successful Entreprenuers (vid)


Here at Blog Wallet we love to see minority black entrepreneurs prosper even if it’s by mistake. Cab drives have owned the cab industry for decades and now they are claiming they are being treated unfairly because companies like Uber and Lyft are exploding nationwide. I know several people who work for Uber and LOVE it. They love the freedom and the independence and a taste of what it’s like to be an entreprenur for the first time. It’s a great thing that the city governments are on the side of companies like Uber and Lyft stating that if the cab companies are willing to add aps and update their services they would be willing to allow them to compete. Cab drivers have carte blanch at many airports and Uber and Lyft are not off-limits to pick people up there which may border on a security issues but the ride sharing companies are taking over the rest of the cities. These services work via an app and provide great opportunities for people who are unemployed or looking for work as long as they have a car that is 5 years old or less. Your thoughts…


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