Capital One Café: The Best Place to Grab Coffee, Tea, and Snacks in 2023

Are you looking for the best place to grab a coffee, tea, handcrafted beverages, snacks, and access to free money coaching programs? Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind or drop in for a quick bite, Capital One Café’s offering goes beyond just an ordinary beverage shop and a traditional bank branch. 

Capital One Café combines a coffee shop and a bank branch services leveraging the rising coffee culture and the fading face-to-face human connections that most customers are still unwilling to relinquish in the banking sector to offer outstanding customer services at their brick-and-mortar facilities located in major cities across the United States. 

With its first location launched in 2019, Capital One Café pioneered the bank-coffee shop model, disrupting traditional retail banking. Capital One has reimagined baking by offering a café experience at their locations in an era when the number of customers visiting brick-and-mortar banking facilities is rapidly declining. 

Capital One Cafés allows you to manage your finances in a casual environment full of fun and a lot more benefits. The cafés are associated with a diverse menu, fun, learning, and networking opportunities, offering a blast to tons of millennials and Gen-Zers, who were already skeptical of the traditional banking system. 

So, why Capital One Cafés, and where can you get one? Let’s explore the diverse services you can get in any of these cafés. 

Services Offered at Capital One Cafés

Whether you’re looking to refresh, attend local events, network, collaborate with colleagues, work remotely, or access one-on-one financial advice, Capital One Café has the best for you. 

In addition to the exciting menu items and cozy spaces, having a Café ambassador at the premises to respond to your questions makes the experience even more thrilling and fulfilling. 

Let’s delve into the unique services and perks you can enjoy at any Capital One Café, regardless of whether or not you are a Capital One Bank customer. 

A Wide Range of Stimulating Beverages and Snacks

Capital One partners with Peet’s Coffee, a famous national coffee chain, to serve their customers high-quality traditional coffee, expresso, pastries, handcrafted beverages, sandwiches, and light fare. 

Even though the cafes’ primary goal was to offer coffee, all Capital One Cafes offer a wide range of sandwiches and snacks alongside coffee and tea. In short, it’s a place for everyone to recharge and unwind without being bombarded with sales pitches. 

Whether you’re just dropping in for a quick bite, enjoying your preferred beverage, chatting with friends, plugging into Wi-Fi outlets to get some work done, or accessing financial coaching services, there is enough food to keep you full for the time you will be in the café.

Menu Items at Capital One Café

Some of the menu items you can choose from at Capital One Cafés include:

  • Coffee— drip coffee, French press, ice-cold brew, and Peet’s-to-Go.
  • Cappuccino
  • Espresso— Americano, single, double, or triple espresso.
  • Latte—Caramel macchiato, Mocha latte, Regular latte, Vanilla latte, White chocolate mocha latte.
  • Brewed tea—green, black, green, herbal
  • Signature beverages
  • Blended Iced (caramel, matcha, or mocha)
  • Cold Brew Oat Latte (horchata or original)
  • Cold Brew Black Tie (chicory, sweetened condensed milk, half and half)
  • Fruit Tea Shakers
  • Tea latte—Chai, Matcha.
  • On tap— Nitro cold brew, Revive Kombucha.

While you can enjoy what the café offers—whether or not you are banking with Capital One, customers get 50% off on handcrafted beverages purchased using Capital One credit or debit cards. 

Free Access to Money & Life Programs, Events

All services at Capital One Cafés are tailored to cater to both individual customers and the community at large. While Capital One customers can enjoy bank-related and coffee shop benefits at one stop, non-members can also enjoy a range of free services the café offers, including local events and complimentary Money & Life Program sessions without having to register or open banking accounts with Capital One.

Formerly known as “Money Coaching,” Capital One’s Money & Life Program covers many personal finance aspects to help you plan your life goals and develop worthwhile financial behaviors in line with your goals. Services you can opt for under this program include:

  • Money & Life Mentoring—You get to meet face-to-face with a Capital One Money& life mentor who helps you to figure out how money fits into your life and develop good behavior that enables you to achieve your goals. Anyone who gets to Capital One Cafés gets access to up to three free 60-minute sessions regardless of whether they are Capital One customers or not.
  • Money & Life Exercises—This service allows access to self-guided  Money & Life Exercises to help you understand how, where, and why financial stress is getting into your life and how to exercise effective control. The exercises take 10 minutes to complete online. 
  • Money & Life Workshops— these types of workshops are run conducted by professional money mentors online as well as in Cafés. The Money & Life Workshops workshops are free to attend alone or with friends and family. 

While events such as workshops always offer a perfect opportunity to learn more about good personal finance habits and tips, you can always use the on-demand content and online workshops if there’s no ongoing event near you. You can also use the in-café tablets to interact with personal financial trivia and fun quizzes, spicing up your experience at the Cafés.

Capital One Café allows customers to get answers to their questions and manage their finances more casually in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Optimized Spaces for Groups and Remote Work

Each Capital One Café is equipped with a free community room for use by registered non-profits, student clubs, alumni organizations, and semi-private nooks —all equipped with free Wi-Fi, charging stations, and outlets. 

In the rapidly growing hybrid and remote work era, the cafés are also equipped with office spaces and workstations, which offer unique opportunities for remote work, planned collaborations, mentorship, and innovations.

Capital One spaces are usually bright, cozy, airy, and attractive. They feature mid-century to modern design, décor elements, and aesthetically appealing furniture, providing a suitable environment for meetings, workshops, and fun. 

As quoted by the Financial Brand, Ryan Laudenbach, Seattle Market Lead for Capital One Cafés, explained that the café’s expansive open layout was designed to promote hospitality, discovery, education, community events, and facilitate conversions. 

Since the company values maintaining human connections that could soon become relics of the past in the digital age, it aims to build new customer relationships through face-to-face interactions while maintaining existing ones. Perhaps, that’s what inspires the company to keep opening more locations when other banks are on the brink of closing down some of their branches to cut on the operation cost. 

Capital One Locations 

Capital One has set up at least 50 cafés in at least 16 states across the U.S., with California having the highest number so far. Below is the list of states with current Capital One Cafés locations. 


Scottsdale Fashion Square Café, Scottsdale.


California has 12 Capital One Cafes: Westfield Topanga Café (Canoga Park), Glendale Café (Glendale), Irvine Spectrum Café (Irvine), Downtown LA Café and Hollywood Café (Los Angeles), Victoria Gardens Café (Rancho Cucamonga), Westfield Galleria at Roseville Café (Roseville), Westfield UTC Café (San Diego), Union Square Café (San Francisco), Westfield Valley Fair Café  (Santa Clara), Santa Monica Café (Santa Monica), and Walnut Creek Café (Walnut Creek). 

District of Columbia

Anacostia Café, Chinatown Café, and Georgetown Café in Washington D.C. 


Florida has seven cafés, the second-highest number of Capital One Cafes after California. They include Miracle Mile Café (Coral Gables), Delray Beach Café (Delray Beach), Ft. Lauderdale Café (Fort Lauderdale), Brickell Café (Miami), Miami Beach Café (Miami Beach), Tampa Café (Tampa), and West Palm Beach Café (West Palm Beach).


Lenox Square Café, Atlanta.


There are four Capital One Cafés located in Chicago: Hyde Park Café, Lincoln Park Café,  Southport Café, and State Street Café. 


In Massachusetts, there are five Capital one Café locations: Back Bay Café, Ink Block Café, Seaport Café in Boston, Harvard Square Café (Cambridge), and Assembly Row Café (Somerville)


Downtown Detroit Café, Detroit. 


Mall of America Café, Bloomington.


Pioneer Courthouse Square Café, Portland.


Fashion Show Café, Las Vegas.

New York

Union Square Flagship Café, New York City. 


There are two locations in Ohio: Kenwood Towne Centre Café (Cincinnati) and Easton Town Center Café (Columbus). 


Pennsylvania has only two locations: King of Prussia Café (King of Prussia) and Rittenhouse Café (Philadelphia). 


Capital One has four cafés in Texas: Domain Café, Downtown Austin Café (Austin), Cafe at Houston Galleria Café (Houston), and La Cantera Café (San Antonio). 


Carytown Café and Short Pump Café in Richmond. 


Bellevue Café in Bellevue and South Lake Union Café in Seattle. 

You can use the Capital One Location Finder to find the nearest branch. 


Capital One Café is more than just any ordinary coffee shop. While the main idea was to get customers to go for coffee and snacks, you can enjoy a host of services at the café without necessarily being a Capital One customer. 

Combining a café with on-demand banking services in a casual and relaxed atmosphere, Capital One Cafe has reimagined traditional brick-and-mortar banking services, allowing the café to offer customers a wide range of services on their terms.

And with perks such as free Wi-Fi, charging stations, a community room for non-profits, semi-private nooks, and access to free financial and lifestyle coaching sessions and on-demand materials, you can enjoy your favorite handcrafted beverage, coffee, tea, snacks, banking services, and collaborate with colleagues at comfort. 


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