Big and Beautiful: Johnson Products Documentary (Video)

George Johnson, Johnson ProductsHe was born in Mississippi on June 16th, 1927, George Ellis Johnson moved to Chicago with his mother and brother in...

Brett Johnson BET Founder Bob Johnson’s Son’s Menswear Line


Brett Johnson with dad Bob Johnson (1).jpg.

Brett Johnson BET Founder Bob Johnson's son premieres clothing line in Atlanta

The [...]

Small business Tip: Why You MUST Find Your Own Replacement in Times of Need


Find Your Own Replacement in Times of Need

We get SO caught up in the day-to-day that we rarely consider what [...]

ENTREPRENEURS: Shut up and Listen When you Get the Chance


Entrepreneurs: We Don't Know Everything But Can Learn More When we Listen. [...]
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Entrepreneur Adrian Miller on Managing Anderson .Paak and his Industry Route

Managing Anderson .Paak is the current road to success for Adrian Miller, a hard-working industry black entrepreneur.Blogwallet: Originally published Nov 23, 2016 – Adrian Miller...

8 Reason’s You Should NOT do Favors in Small business

Reason's You Should NOT do Favors in businessYou work hard for what you have and you have done a great job at holding it...

10 Things We Can Learn from Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter

10 Things We Can Learn from Shawn “Jay-Z” CarterThere’s not a more financially prosperous hip-hop artist than Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter.  Jay-Z, whose name will...

The 10 Greatest Misconceptions of Being an Entreprenuer

Over the years I have been amazed at how some people think minority black entrepreneurs live and work. Most people are very comfortable with the...

Surround Yourself With The Right People in business

Over the last few months I have been doing many beta tests. Not only on my online business but the company that I keep...

Nine Things That will Destroy Your business


I've seen people who will stay in a small business like a bad marriage. [...]

Are FedEx Retail Rates HIGHER if you Have an Account?

Shouldn't Retail Rates be LOWER as a Benefit to Having an Account?The other day I was at FedEx and I was mailing a package. ...

Streetz 94.5 Fills Need for Atlanta’s Local Hardcore Hip Hop Fans

Streetz 94.5's Steve Hegwood is having a ball… because he is doing what he loves to do on his own terms with his own...

12 Reasons You Should Never Hire Friends


Wouldn't it be great if as black entrepreneurs and black-owned businesses if we could be auto clone ourselves black everything that [...]

REVIEW: Wegmans Grocery Store: a Great EXPERIENCE

Wegman's is an AMAZING Grocery Store, Pricey but Great SelectionWhile visiting upstate New York recently for an extended amount of time, I had my...

Entrepreneurs Start Black Owned Streaming Network “Xperienc on Demand”

The only Black-owned streamer in the country – Xperienc On Demand.Earlier this summer, new ground was broken in Memphis when boxing champ Floyd Mayweather...