Los Angeles Limousine Entrepreneur Dies Weeks Before Legendary Turkey Giveaway

Los Angeles businessman and philanthropist E.J. Jackson died of a heart attack just weeks before his massive annual Turkey Give-a-way. He owned Jackson Limousine...

Are FedEx Retail Rates HIGHER if you Have an Account?

Shouldn't Retail Rates be LOWER as a Benefit to Having an Account?The other day I was at FedEx and I was mailing a package. ...

Stunted Growth: Biggest Mistakes business Owners Often Make

Here is an excerpt from my book Mind Your Own Damn business. These are some of the biggest mistakes I have seen many black...

Brand Expert Sheila Coates Talks to Blog Wallet

Brand Ambassador Sheila Coates Talks to Blog WalletBlog Wallet talked to Sheila Coates recently. Coates is considered to be one of the best in...

8 Reason’s You Should NOT do Favors in Small business

Reason's You Should NOT do Favors in businessYou work hard for what you have and you have done a great job at holding it...

10 Things Every Entrepreneur Can Learn from New Edition

New Edition has literally been around for more than 35 years and they have been able to sustain a legacy that most groups never...

Big and Beautiful: Johnson Products Documentary (Video)

George Johnson, Johnson ProductsHe was born in Mississippi on June 16th, 1927, George Ellis Johnson moved to Chicago with his mother and brother in...

REVIEW: Wegmans Grocery Store: a Great EXPERIENCE

Wegman's is an AMAZING Grocery Store, Pricey but Great SelectionWhile visiting upstate New York recently for an extended amount of time, I had my...

Small Business Tip: Five Types of Clients to Avoid


Small Business Tip: Five Types of Clients to Avoid. [...]
generational trauma

The End of Generational Trauma: How Remote Work Is Helping Black Entrepreneurs Overcome Inherited...

Generational trauma, also called intergenerational trauma, is a concept used to explain the transmission of challenges within families. It has become a hot topic...

10 things black entrepreneurs can learn from Don Lemon’s Mistakes


This picture says it all "Disconnected"

Unfortunately, Don Lemon was roasted on Twitter once again last night. [...]

How to Stop Wasting Time and GROW YOUR business TD Jakes Video

I have included a link to an EXCELLENT video by TD Jakes about leveraging your time. What are you going to do with the...

10 Quotes About Being Happy That Everybody Needs to Hear

Quotes About Being Happy That Every Entrepreneur Needs to HearQuotes about being happy are more than words on the page, rather, in a lot...

ENTREPRENEURS: Shut up and Listen When you Get the Chance


Entrepreneurs: We Don't Know Everything But Can Learn More When we Listen. [...]

Cab Companies Ignored Technology now Ride Sharing Creates Slew of Successful Entreprenuers (vid)


Here at Blog Wallet we love to see minority black entrepreneurs prosper even if it's by mistake. [...]