Toxic Chemicals Found in Hair Products for Black Women

MICHAELA 3P - 5P ET ON HLNIs your hair routine hazardous to your health? A new study finds there are toxic chemicals hiding in...

Small business tips: Carlton Brown, Occasional Occasions by Carlton


Carlton Brown, Occasional Occasions by Carlton

Caterer/Chef/Owner -  [...]

Lack of Business Support: Are Black People Blocking the Success of Black ...

Black Customers Can Help a Black Owned Businesses Reputation Management I have always said, if someone has a crappy product, don't support it. But at...

Charlotte black entrepreneur from Buffalo gets ill, daughters run business


It started during his morning commute – a tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, clenched jaws and an overall sense [...]

Good Idea More Valuable than Profit, Sprint Buys 33% of TIDAL

They say you should always start your business based on passion first, this is inevitable if you want to succeed. Nobody knows what you...

Streetz 94.5 Fills Need for Atlanta’s Local Hardcore Hip Hop Fans

Streetz 94.5's Steve Hegwood is having a ball… because he is doing what he loves to do on his own terms with his own...

Premiere Entrepreneur, Steve Harvey used his Leverage as a Comedian to Soar Incredible Heights


Surround Yourself with the Right People

We love to report stories of successful minority black entrepreneurs and this dynamic duo has [...]

Radio One Owner Cathy Hughes Podcast for Entrepreneurs

Cathy Hughes is the founder of Radio One. She has been in business for over 35 years and is considered an industry icon. Here...

Entrepreneur Commits Suicide


As black entrepreneurs, especially BLACK black entrepreneurs we are a unique group of people who are often very misunderstood. [...]

Former Marine and Inmate Frederick Hutson has Great Idea for Successful business

Frederick Hutson is the CEO of Pigeonly, a platform that identifies and organizes data on the incarcerated. A born black entrepreneur, he launched and...
reasons clients don't buy your services

5 Reasons Potential Clients are Not Buying Your Services

Clients Are Not Buying Your Services? Here's Why ... No matter what business you are in, if a client doesn't see the perceived value of..., coffee

Why business Owners Should RARELY Reveal Plans, Goals or Dreams


Never tell anyone your plans, goals or dreams UNLESS they can help you

(excerpt from my new eBook "Mind Your Own [...]

Small business Tip: Why You MUST Find Your Own Replacement in Times of Need


Find Your Own Replacement in Times of Need

We get SO caught up in the day-to-day that we rarely consider what [...]

When we Stop Learning, We Stop Growing

I have always been very adamant about the direction, goals and focus of my business, never letting anyone or anything change that. I realize...

Entrepreneur Lessons That I Learned the Hard Way


Entrepreneur lessons  - At times we need to give a little more thought to our actions as business owners especially [...]