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Charleston Based Black-owned Company among Winners of 2019 Envolve Awards USA

Envolve Entrepreneurship announces winners of the third edition of its annual entrepreneurship competition during its 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Week. The Envolve Award USA was created to recognize and encourage start-up and early-stage businesses. The Winners of the Awards will get mentorship, business funding, and other support services.

Envolve is a global organization that aims to build the next generation of business leaders by providing resources, mentorship, and regional awards. It is working earnestly to create a global society comprising of entrepreneurs in different communities, especially the underprivileged ones, that are naturally overlooked by drivers of investment, poor entrepreneurship background, and poor economic development. The organization continues to maintain its commitment to the building of an entrepreneurship environment by providing entrepreneurs access to capital and business support. Many individuals and organizations have stepped forward to support Envolve achieve their goals.

The competition, which was formerly called American Entrepreneurship Award, focused on entrepreneurs in the Bronx and Miami-Dade. Recently other regions have been added to participate in the awards; they include Atlanta, Charleston, New York City, Flint, Baltimore Miami-Dade County, and Washington DC.

In the past three years, the organization has connected with over 3000 entrepreneurs and announced sixteen winners in ten different business industries. Former winners of the award include US-based companies, Ginjan Bros, Re-Nuble, Greek companies, and major market place and many more. Evolve announced 14 new American Companies as part of the global Evolve Award Hall of fame.

Every edition of the award requires the judges to select winners from the numerous applicants based on business plans that show sustainability, innovation, and financial management, without overlooking profit made and job opportunities the business provides to its host community. The application is open to any individual or group without previous business experience or businesses at the start-up stage.

Charleston’s Elite Event Planning is a black-owned event and catering company that is among the awardees for the third edition. Terrance Freeman owns the company.

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