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Check out this 13-Years Old Black Teenager Whose Clothing Line is Taking Over Philly’s Fashion Industry

A black teenage boy, Trey Brown already have a company of his own at age thirteen, and he is sure enjoying his life. Brown is the founder and CEO of SPERGO, a clothing line with about 30,000 followers on Instagram. He has had contact with various celebrities and has been on a Times Square billboard. The amount the company has made in the first year is enough to take care of his mom retirement.

SPERGO was launched in January 2018. The brand focuses on stylish shirts, hoodies, flip flops and sweatshirts. Brown explained that the violence in Philadelphia inspired him to start the company; he wanted to prove and inspire other youths that they could do great things without been violent or touching drugs.

SPERGO started as a small business. With permission from his mum, Brown designed his first few shirts with his birthday money that he has been saving and also marketed and sold them via Instagram. Even at that time, he goes to barbershop around his locality to sell. In a short while, he was able to exhaust his stock. After then, he started his online store and began sending his designs to cities in Africa, Bermuda, and even Germany.

Brown admitted that at the beginning, he wasn’t sure the brand would launch or even make wave but now that it has gotten to this level, he is very optimistic about the future.

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