Diddy’s Pre Grammy Speech: Why Not Just Own the Restaurant?


Every year we keep hearing about the lack of diversity and inclusion with behemoth industry organizations that utilize black culture to profit but seldom return the favor when it comes to supporting the artists etc like the Grammys. See his speech below…

(Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

The Difference Between Being Effective and Efficient

Asking for inclusion is being efficient, creating the platform is being effective

My 25-year-old industry organization RadioFacts, a successful industry trade, has been asked to participate in just about all of the black-owned events in the industry. When it comes to organizations like The Grammy’s we were just not good enough. They used to send us press requests and then they denied us three years in a row but were more than willing to give us pictures AFTER the event of the black participants on the red carpet and the winners to run on the site.

I said FK the Grammy’s YEARS ago and I’ve never requested another invite and I give them very little coverage because I KNOW they don’t give a sh about the black music industry. So do the rest of us. So WHY do we KEEP asking for a seat at the table when we have the power AND the recipes to own the whole fkn restaurant? Help me to understand why we are so adamant to be accepted by white organizations that don’t give a sh about us? At what point do WE respect ourselves ENOUGH to create AND SUPPORT our OWN organizations? Why are we still slaves when we are free?

it would appear that Diddy of ALL people would get this? During a speech at Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy event, another event we have never been invited to, Diddy made a speech to the attendees about the lack of diversity in the music and film industry. We complain about this EVERY year and there is always a temporary change to suffice the situation before it goes back to business as usual.

Stop Begging … Start DOING

We MUST understand and acknowledge our power and support black industry organizations too. There is nothing wrong with supporting other non-black organizations but If they don’t support us STOP SUPPORTING THEM!!! It’s a pretty simple equation. Currently, the Grammy organization is being sued for alleged discrimination against the LGBT community. This is a community that is everywhere right now, if they don’t care about the LGBT community why should we think they care about the black community.


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