Discord Server: 5 Great Ways to Use Discord As a Free Marketing Tool


Discord Server: 5 Great Ways to Use Discord As a Free Marketing Tool

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A Discord server can change the game for your business.

If you’re a millennial or a part of gen-z, then it’s true that the first thing that pops into your head when you think of Discord is gaming. Discord was made for gamers. However, over the past few years, this platform has served artists, musicians, business teams, political groups, and more, so Discord is more than a playground for gamers; it’s a platform to nurture various communities.

Today, I’ll be showing you how you can use a Discord server to market your business.

Discord In a Nutshell

Discord is a chat platform where anyone that has built a community (i.e. a channel) can engage. Once users have received an invite, they can join countless servers and interact with server members.

For instance, your employees can chat with one another and build stronger relationships or use the server to collaborate on company projects using Discord’s video and voice calling system.

Building Your Audience

You can use Discord for your business as a social platform to discuss various topics related to your brand and your target audience’s interests such as books, movies, games, or whatever you like.

And if you want to discuss more than one topic, just create a text channel, so your server can host a variety of discussions.

As word spreads and your Disorder server grows, so will your audience-base.

Interacting With a Company

Never before has a customer or fan had an opportunity to interact with those who shared similar interests with a company and with the company, itself. Customers will be allowed to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas with their desired organization, so it’ll bring a whole new meaning to ‘building a relationship with your customers.’

While, as the owner, you will be gifted the opportunity to directly hear personal reviews and resolve any issues before they snowball into something worse, as with using slower systems like email.

Sharing Your Story

Putting a face to the company doesn’t only give your business character, but it gives your audience somebody to identify with and sympathize with when your business is going through hard times.

You can tell them:

  • The history of your business and what motivated you to start it
  • Who you are and any relevant details related to your brand
  • Why you love doing what you do

However, be mindful not to share too many details of your life to your audience. Separating your personal life and business is crucial in succeeding as a business owner.

Giving Tips n’ Tricks to Your Audience

Are you a gumbo-making Creole chef in Louisiana, then share your best tips to making your recipes sumptuous. Are you a vegan animal activist in the Pacific North West, then educate your audience on rallies they can join and cruelty-free corporations they could buy from.

Interacting with your audience doesn’t just mean growing your audience, but it can mean supporting them and teaching them how to make their lives and the lives of others better.

Discovering Opportunities to Collaborate

While interacting with your channel members, you can also use your account to join other servers and meet like-minded individuals.

Finding these servers is as easy as just a Google search of black-owned business Discord servers or even chatting with members of your own servers.

From there you’ll meet people you can relate to, share your products with, and collaborate with for future business opportunities.

Success with Livestream gives some great tips on how to collaborate with other businesses:

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