Don’t Run Potential Clients Away by Doing This

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Over the years, I have learned very valuable lessons about doing business. I pay great attention to what I hear and the advice that I get from successful industry people and I understand the rules to succeed. Below are some of the common things I have heard my clients point out when it comes to what turns them off the most when doing business and what will make them not support someone.

Sense of Entitlement

Never treat a client like they are obligated to support you. This will most likely piss them off and make them resentful towards you. Even if you have done favors for them in the past they don’t have to do anything for you now, the budgets are in their hands and they do what they want to do with it.

Putting down Competitors

We are our own resumes. When we put down competitors it does not come off as supportive it comes off as jealousy and envy. You are not putting them down for any good or legitimate reason outside of the fact that they have what you don’t have. This approach does not make you look like a winner it makes you look like a cry-baby loser and it will push clients further away from what you want them to do. (click NEXT for next segment)

Sloppy Presentation

For the most part, the entire 7 reasons are linked to this very one, a small business does all these things because they fall short of being a quality small business. There is no passion, no love and no drive, these people are only in it to make money and the laziness is evident to clients and it rarely works. The person is furious with competitors because they can do all that he can’t and he has or she has no other reason to succeed except to have past favors returned or to do their best to emulate or even copy what their successful competitor is doing. (click NEXT for next segment)

Living off Tenure instead of Performance

What are you REALLY bringing to the table? Can your client justify the expenditure to his or her bosses?  Keep in mind they have to answer to someone when then spend their budgets unless they own the company (click NEXT for next segment)

Failure to Embrace and Grow

This is on YOU as an black entrepreneur. People who fail to grow often think their lives and businesses are pretty much over. In any business that’s thriving and growing, you must embrace trends and growth. If you remain stagnant you will never reap the benefits. Take every opportunity to learn and KEEP learning.

Don’t have the goods

The BEST way to run clients away is when you just don’t have the goods. You are not unique in your delivery, attitude, sales pitch and business acumen but you are viewed as a used car salesman. If you are not good at what you do why should someone pay you for it? Consider moving on and doing something else that you are actually good at or continue to struggle.

Refuse to listen

I have found that clients often will give you invaluable information if you take the time to shut up and listen. They will tell you how they perceive what you do. At times we are so busy selling, we don’t consider that the client could give you a great piece of advice to grow your business.


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