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Dymetra Pernell Operates Atlanta’s Black-Owned Vegan Ice Cream and Pastry Restaurant

Dymetra Pernell Operates Atlanta’s Black-Owned Vegan Ice Cream and Pastry Restaurant

The founder of First Batch Artisan Foods, the only restaurant based in Atlanta that sells exclusively vegan ice cream and pastries, is Dymetra Pernell, also known as the “Plant-based Princess.” This is also Atlanta’s only Black-owned business of its kind.

First Batch Artisan Foods has a diverse menu of vegan desserts that includes, in addition to ice cream, peach cobbler and brownies.

Pernell said she missed her favorite dessert ice cream when she became vegan. “I was sick of sneaking off to Bruster’s and then getting sick, and I said,’ I really need to do something about my cravings.'”

Pernell developed her first batch of ice cream in her home to satisfy her sweet tooth. “I went to the kitchen and said,’ what would I be if I were an ice cream?

Pernell said the first ice cream batch has become a hit among friends and restaurant owners, and since that time, the name “First Batch” has stuck. She sold over 3,000 pints of ice cream at the famous Atlanta gym E.F.F.E.C.T Fitness during her launch in the summer of 2018.

When she first started, Pernell said; she wanted to target vegans but was surprised to learn that most of her client base is not vegan. After people ate the ice cream and found that they could eat it without the stomachache and feel no guilt, they loved it. “At present, First Batch Artisan Foods is located in Little Five Points within Moods Music. Pernell said she was going to start a restaurant in East Point.

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