Effective Ways to Post Jobs on Indeed


Why Should You Post a Job on Indeed?

Indeed is a popular job search engine that allows job seekers to search for employment opportunities from a variety of sources, including job boards, company career pages, and online classifieds. The platform aggregates job postings from thousands of sources across the web and provides users with a simple and effective way to search for and apply to jobs that match their skills and experience.

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In addition to job listings, Indeed also offers various tools and resources to help job seekers with their job search, including resume building, salary comparisons, and career advice.

Indeed is one of the largest job search engines in the world, with millions of job postings and job seekers visiting the site every day.

How Did Indeed Get Started

Indeed was founded in 2004 by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan. The idea for the job search engine was born when the two were discussing the difficulties of job hunting, including the time and effort required to search multiple job sites and the lack of comprehensive search results.

They decided to create a platform that would allow job seekers to search for jobs across multiple job sites in one place, and also provide employers with a way to post job listings and reach a large pool of candidates.

Initially, Indeed was a simple aggregator that pulled job postings from various sources, including job boards, company career pages, and staffing agencies. Over time, the platform grew in popularity and expanded its offerings to include features like job alerts, resume posting, and employer reviews.

In 2012, Indeed was acquired by Japanese HR company Recruit Co. Ltd. for $1 billion, but continues to operate as an independent subsidiary. Today, Indeed is one of the largest job search engines in the world, with over 250 million unique visitors per month and listings in more than 60 countries and 28 languages.

Getting The Best Results to Hire Candidates from Jobs on Indeed

As a recruiter or employer, you want your job postings to stand out and attract the right candidates. Here are some effective ways to post jobs on Indeed:

  1. Use clear and concise job titles: The job title is the first thing a job seeker sees in a job posting. Make sure the title accurately describes the position and includes relevant keywords that job seekers are likely to search for. Avoid using generic titles like “manager” or “sales associate” that don’t provide enough information about the job.
  2. Write a compelling job description: The job description should provide a clear and detailed overview of the job duties, qualifications, and requirements. Use bullet points and short paragraphs to make the job description easy to read. Highlight the benefits of the job and the company, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and flexible schedules. Avoid using technical jargon or acronyms that may not be familiar to job seekers.
  3. Use relevant and specific keywords: Use specific keywords that are relevant to the job and the industry. This will help job seekers find your posting when they search for jobs on Indeed. Use keywords in the job title, job description, and skills section. Avoid using irrelevant keywords that may attract the wrong candidates.
  4. Provide clear instructions on how to apply: Make sure the job posting includes clear instructions on how to apply for the job. Include a link to the company website or an email address where candidates can send their resume and cover letter. Make sure the application process is simple and straightforward.
  5. Include company information: Include information about the company in the job posting, such as the company name, location, and mission statement. This will help job seekers get a sense of the company culture and values. Include a brief overview of the company history, size, and industry.
  6. Use visual elements: Use visual elements such as images, videos, or infographics to make the job posting more engaging and memorable. Use images that showcase the company culture or the job environment. Use videos to provide a virtual tour of the workplace or to showcase employee testimonials. Use infographics to provide information about the job duties or requirements.
  7. Post the job at the right time: Post the job at a time when job seekers are most likely to be searching for jobs. Avoid posting jobs on weekends or holidays when job seekers may be less active. Post jobs during the week when job seekers are more likely to be actively searching for jobs.
  8. Use sponsored job postings: Sponsored job postings are a paid service that allows your job posting to appear at the top of search results. This can increase visibility and attract more candidates. Sponsored job postings are available at different price points and can be targeted by location, industry, and job title.
  9. Monitor and respond to applicants: Monitor the job posting and respond to applicants in a timely manner. This shows that the company is engaged and interested in hiring the right candidate. Respond to all applicants, even if they are not a good fit for the job. This can help build a positive reputation for the company.
  10. Use analytics to track performance: Use analytics to track the performance of the job posting. This can provide insights into the number of views, clicks, and applications. Use this information to optimize the job posting and make changes as needed.

In conclusion, posting jobs on Indeed requires careful attention to detail and a clear understanding of the job market and job seekers.

Use clear and concise job titles, write compelling job descriptions, use relevant keywords, provide clear instructions on how to apply, include company information, use visual elements, post the job at the right time, use sponsored job postings, monitor and respond to applicants, and use analytics to track

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