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Entrepreneur Do’s and Don’ts


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Being an entrepreneur is extremely rewarding. Unfortunately, there are other aspects of it that are very challenging. When you’re the boss, it is often difficult to have leverage or camaraderie with people that work for you. You have to maintain a level of authority. Most of the time, entrepreneurs, surround themselves with other entrepreneurs because they understand each other best.

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Working for yourself is and is not what people think. You do not sit around idly twiddling your thumbs waiting for money to pour in all day long with no effort…. it’s work and nonstop work. While other people punch the clock at 5 o’clock, entrepreneurs continue to work throughout the day and night.

At times, some of the best ideas come to entrepreneurs in the middle of the night. We don’t always feel like motivating ourselves but is it is essential to our success. After 21 years, here are some tips I can share with you on lessons that I have learned the hard way. You’re welcome… (lol) Click NEXT above or below for next segment


Create Win/Win/WIN Situations…


First and foremost, you have to be absolutely sure that you have a winning product. It’s hard to believe in or convince others to believe in crap. They can plainly see the value of what you do. Your customers are interested in your product. Always think three “WINS;” 1. How is this going to benefit my business, 2. How is this going to benefit the client and 3. How is it going to benefit the target. The “target” can be anything from a specific target to potential new clients who see what you produce. Therefore, WHAT you produce must be stellar so that others are attracted to it.  Iif you’re just taking money, living off tenure or you’re not delivering service you probably won’t see the client again and no matter what kind of business you are in. Repeat business, without suggestion or solicitation, is the key. There has to be balance in order to create and sustain a valuable and longstanding relationship. Don’t be greedy and think you can get the money this time, deliver crappy service then expect the client to return. Not only will they not return he will tell others how they were treated.


Stop Hiring People Who NEED a Job!


What do I mean by that? I’m basically saying that sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we ask our contacts if they know someone who can do so and so and we really need the job done but don’t have the time to look for potential candidates. Don’t make this mistake. I have found, that at least 80% of the time in situations like these, the people don’t work out. Mostly, because they don’t “WANT” a job, they NEED a job. Therefore they are only going to give you enough effort to make the money then they are gone. Unfortunately, when they don’t work out and you have wasted your time training them, YOU become the bad guy if you complain and it could affect your relationship with the original person you asked for help from. Chances are, they are trying to help a friend or relative that needs a job, this does not work for you or your business you’re not a temp service looking for day laborers. You have to look at your business and what it needs, that’s the primary first. You need someone that WANTS a job, not someone who is going to do just enough to get by and then hit the road. Anything less just won’t do.  Wasting time is not a good idea for your business.  You want to make sure that you bring someone and who’s hungry and wants the job. Some people say that there are no hungry people anymore but there are you just have to dig deeper and find them and even if they’re not hungry at least make sure they’re strategic and they know what they’re doing and they’re effective because you can still get the same benefit don’t always be obligated to hire people because they need a job hire them for WHY you NEED them.


Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want…


When it comes to your business, you have to take care of it and protect it. Do not be afraid to approach people for what you want when it comes to your business. If you need help, this is the most important thing, don’t be afraid ask. If you don’t know something, don’t be afraid to admit but make sure you learn at least a little bit of it so that you can keep an eye on all aspects of your business. When hiring someone to do an independent job, check their credentials and have them send you some of that work and take the time to dig a little deeper. Look at their social networks to get an idea of their character. I would not recommend hiring a third-party with someone in the middle who is speaking for the other person. This indicates that the person you’re talking to is taking the largest chunk of the money and only giving a small portion to the third-party. That’s a waste of your resources. Hire direct. If you never have contact with the third-party that you don’t know how effective they are. I’ve made this mistake a few times to many but not any more.


Why is it so hard to find good people…


That’s a very good question? And there is some truth to it. But we must first realize that nobody is going to have the passion and the drive that we have for our business to succeed. I would strongly suggest that you have a layout for whatever project you have for the person indicating exactly what you expect for them to do and I have them sign it. It could be the 10 steps you want them to take or it could be just a general synopsis of what you expect. Otherwise, they don’t have a guide and you may be disappointed at the final results. On occasion, you will come across someone who does a great job and who is dedicated to doing exactly what you want them to do. Make sure that you keep these people in your database to call when you need certain things, there is a good chance that they can do even more tasks than you asked them for the first time. You must establish a solid team and sometimes it takes a lot of trial and error to get there.

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