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Entrepreneur: Knowing When to Close Shop


There are those times when no matter how successful you are, it’s just time to close your small business

I just saw a longtime friend be forced out of starting a businesshis business. He basically lost everything and had to even move back to his hometown to live with his parents. He told me that he is humiliated.

At one time he was very successful but a change in the economy and for what he was doing brought a whole new set of challenges before him. Could he have saved the business? Sure he could have but his ego wouldn’t let him. He considered himself an expert in his field and refused to listen to others. In addition, he failed to pay attention to changing trends, the fact that he was getting older in a youthful business and that he was losing touch as he failed to surround himself with the right people in his business. He went from a hugely successful business to barely keep his head above water to drowning and watching the imminent death of the business he had built from the ground up. He literally broke down in tears.

As entrepreneurs, we can only do so much and we don’t have all the answers. We have our strengths and we have our weaknesses but we are not Supermen/women, fortune tellers or money trees. The first sign of a failing business (yes, even in this economy) is a cash flow problem. People will say, isn’t that EVERYONE’S problem? No, it’s actually not and we need to stop comparing our businesses to everyone else and limiting ourselves to what we assume is the norm. Why can’t we have a business that does NOT have a cash flow problem? There are several businesses that don’t worry about paying bills and/or making payroll. There are owners who take extravagant vacations and there are owners who are not begging for business. You would be amazed at how they are often very frugal (that’s another post) but it’s certainly very possible.

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