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Entrepreneur Michael Baisden Offers Excellent Advice on Moving On

michael-baisdenMichael Baisden just lost his contract of 10 years broadcasting his radio show on over 20 radio stations nationwide. Baisden owns his own show and used Cumulus media to garner affiliates (stations) to run it. His commentary is below about the situation.

Michael Baisden Commentary: A Man With A Plan And A Man Of Principles

I don’t understand why people get so angry when they get fired from a job or dumped in a relationship. Didn’t they see it coming? Or are they so caught up in the “vapors” that they develop a case of selective amnesia?

The day that someone comes to work for me, I tell them to start planning for life after radio. “What is your plan?” I ask them. And if we’re within 3 years of the end of a contract I have a meeting with my staff and tell them, “Start planning to leave, now!”

When someone let’s you go in business or relationship, there’s no time for anger, that’s the time to execute your plans. That’s right, I said plans with a capital (S) because you’d better have a plan A, B, and C. And D, if possible.

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