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ENTREPRENEURS: On the Tracks, Train Coming but You’re Paralyzed


Have you ever had that feeling? I have. It’s a warning that danger is approaching and if you don’t do something NOW the inevitable will happen. I like to say that we always and I mean ALWAYS get warnings in life and business. A friend came by to visit last night and informed me that she is going to have to move back to a city she left 7 months ago to make her life and job situation better.  She didn’t plan and things happened that she did not anticipate. I personally think she is waiting for something that she used to have that is gone forever in the music industry but she won’t admit it.

She could be an entrepreneur but everyone doesn’t have the courage or the stamina. It’s so easy for people like me to say… take ANY job. Clean toilets etc, whatever you have to do to keep money coming in but that’show I see things because I am a survivor but she is struggling. Standing on the train tracks, time is running out and she is not moving to make the changes she desperately needs to make. Did she see this train coming… sure she did, we all do, especially when we have not worked in quite a while. She has a kid and I asked her if she has applied for welfare.. (her ex is unemployed too) she admitted yes, she has applied just this past week. She’s been out of work for almost 2 years though depending on her family to help her financially.

There are certain things I know for sure now that I’ve been in business for years. One thing is you have to motivate yourself, it’s a constant hustle, you have to create a product that’s undeniable and valuable to clients and you cannot be a one-trick pony. If I was not an entrepreneur right now, I don’t know what I would do but I would do something. Understand that you can never give up or give in because it’s slow. Turn the nightly news OFF and stop using the “Everybody is hurting” excuse, because everybody is NOT hurting and there is comfort in that negativity. That’s certainly not to say things don’t slow down but when it is slow, always remember how you feel when you have those GOOD weeks. I just had a great week. Unexpected accounts came in from nowhere… you know what I mean. Don’t be so hard on yourself or your circumstances. If one thing is not working try something else or try what other people are not trying. If you TRULY feel paralyzed and it’s been going on for a while, it’s time to make a DRASTIC change. That could mean a move to another city, a trial separation, a career change or eliminating whatever it is that’s stressing you out. Good luck

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