Fake Clients ask: “Who Do You Reach?”

Who Do You Reach?

Here is an example of another fake client if you are an established business. If they are spending their money it’s up to THEM to FIND OUT who you reach. These dangling carrot games amaze me and they are a waste of your valuable business time. If you see major accounts, ads or clients in my business why would you ask a question like this? I will tell you why. They are testing out your business confidence. What if you told them “Haven’t you researched us?” and look at them like they just lost their minds. It would be a legitimate question. Can you image their reaction, this not only throws the ball back in their court is let’s them know that you know what they are up to. I’ve done it before and it works. If they don’t come back, it works because they were probably never going to do business with you in the first place. When you go into the grocery store to buy cookies do you ask, “Who is Pepperidge Farm trying to reach?” Hell no, you buy the cookies because you want to eat them, you already know the value of the brand.

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