What Does an Entrepreneur Do When You No Longer Love What You’re Doing?

frustrated business owner

Are you a Frustrated Business Owner? You Can’t grow a business you don’t still LOVE doing.

As an Entrepreneur, the way you plan for your business is paramount especially the future of your business. As I’m sure you know, many unpredictable things can happen. Your industry may change, you make age out, or you will be tired of doing what you do. Sometimes everything can happen at the same time. And this is incredibly unfortunate especially when you could’ve moved on to do something else.

We all know that it takes quite some time to establish a business and a brand. But the benefit that we have leverage now. That means we can do what we did before … again. The trick is to tap into it. If you ask yourself ‘am I happy’ and the answer is no, it’s time to explore what you want to do, before it is determined for you. As we all know, if we want to be unhappy, we may as well get a job.

Waking up with Joy or Frustration?

Are you getting out of bed each day with anticipation looking forward to the new day? Or are you frustrated trying to ‘fake it’ another day? If you are faking it, it’s time to look at changing gears.

Being stuck is no fun. What do I mean by stuck? When you’re making a majority of your money from the business you no longer love is what I mean. A majority of your time is spent doing it and it’s difficult to find the energy to go after a new venture. Doing what you no longer love is zapping your energy to do so.

Frustrated Business Owner: Using Your Leverage

Now the question becomes how can you leverage what you were doing and turn it into something else? This may mean that you have to pull out completely for a few days and look at everything from a distance. Another way is you may have to ask yourself questions and perhaps create a spreadsheet of what you can do with the skills you’ve acquired.

I heard a quote recently a TV show one day and a woman said: “it’s better to be done with your industry before the industry is done with you. I have seen people destroyed when the unexpected happens!” She makes a very good point. If you hate what you’re doing right now it’s going to get worse. Eventually, your audience or whoever you’re targeting will see it as well as your clients and the whole ship will eventually capsize either slowly or all at once but neither way is good ESPECIALLY when something can be done about it in advance.

What are some of the way that you can handle the situation so that you can move on?

I know it’s EXTREMELY hard to find good workers but its’ not impossible. You may want to bring in a manager, somebody who thinks exactly like you and can do what you do. Another suggestion, Would be to work on your business for a few days each week and mark off a couple calendar days of the month or week to work on your new projects in other words having someone to fill in for you for couple days during the week so that you can totally dedicate yourself to working on your new place or projects. I find this works best while you migrate from one business to another.

The benefit of this if a client or the target can survive a couple of days without you. They are not going to miss you if you just took a couple days off. Another option is to take more vacations perhaps twice a month getting away and establishing a greater perspective about your company. I always wondered what that adage meant “you can’t see the forest for the trees” and now I know. When you’re in the midst of something, you can’t see all that going on. You have to step out to get a better view.

When All Else Fails

Finally, you could try to sell. There’s no guarantee that this will work either but at least you can walk away (provided you are making a profit) with a successful venture and sale.

At the end of the day being an black entrepreneur means you should love what you do. That’s why you work for yourself! If you don’t like what you do or it has just become boring or not fun anymore then you might as well just go get a job. Do some SOMETHING now or eventually, you’ll sit back and watch the weeks, months and eventually years go by where you could’ve invested in something else. You can get everything you once had back except wasted time. You have to do some serious soul-searching and ask yourself is it really worth it at the end of the day if it’s all taken away and you spent years doing what you didn’t want to do?

My best in the business Kevin Ross.


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