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What Does an Entrepreneur Do When You No Longer Love What You’re Doing?


frustrated business owner

Are you a Frustrated Business Owner? You Can’t grow a business you don’t still LOVE doing.

As an Entrepreneur, the way you plan for your business is paramount especially the future of your business. As I’m sure you know, many unpredictable things can happen. Your industry may change, you make age out, or you will be tired of doing what you do. Sometimes everything can happen at the same time. And this is incredibly unfortunate especially when you could’ve moved on to do something else.

We all know that it takes quite some time to establish a business and a brand. But the benefit that we have leverage now. That means we can do what we did before … again. The trick is to tap into it. If you ask yourself ‘am I happy’ and the answer is no, it’s time to explore what you want to do, before it is determined for you. As we all know, if we want to be unhappy, we may as well get a job.

Waking up with Joy or Frustration?

Are you getting out of bed each day with anticipation looking forward to the new day? Or are you frustrated trying to ‘fake it’ another day? If you are faking it, it’s time to look at changing gears.

Being stuck is no fun. What do I mean by stuck? When you’re making a majority of your money from the business you no longer love is what I mean. A majority of your time is spent doing it and it’s difficult to find the energy to go after a new venture. Doing what you no longer love is zapping your energy to do so.


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