Getting The IRS Phone Number and 6 Other Surefire Methods to Reach The IRS As a Small Business Owner


Getting The IRS Phone Number and 6 Other Surefire Methods to Reach The IRS As a Small Business Owner

If you’re looking for the IRS phone number, it’s probably that time again.

Tax season, aka quarterly taxes for entrepreneurs, is the time we all dread: gathering our 1065s, 1040-ES, and other financial documents to answer questions that the government already knows. More than likely you’ll probably have some questions and concerns of your own and grow increasingly frustrated trying to reach the IRS.

But before you start ruminating about this tedious task, we have six simple and sure-fire tips to help you get your questions answered immediately.

Calling The IRS

“How often do I need to pay income taxes for my new business?” or “Do I need to keep receipts if I pay for things with my business account? These are just some of the most commonly asked questions by small business owners and calling the IRS may be the best chance you’ll get at having them answered.

Be sure to call the IRS at 800-829-1040 to reach a customer service representative. They’ll be available between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm local time Monday – Friday to help you resolve any issues you may have while filing your quarterly taxes.

(Warning: IRS wait times are higher than normal on Mondays and Tuesdays and during the end of regular tax season around April, so try to call on other days and get your taxes prepared weeks ahead of the deadline.)

Downloading the IRS2Go App

This app has been a godsend for me and my freelance writing peers who are waiting in anticipation to get our tax refunds. Knowing your refund status can with monthly budgeting, being up-to-date on processing delays, and also just mitigating any anxiety you have about receiving your refund.

All you’ll need is your SSN (Social Security Number), filing status (e.g. single, head of household, etc.), your exact refund amount.

The app is available for both IOS and Android users as well.

Check Your IRS Account

Pretty obvious, but when you’re running around and floundering, this idea can escape you. Accessing your IRS account can make countless information relevant to your taxes available to you, including your balance, your tax records, your previous addresses, your 5 years of payment history, and more.

The IRS has also partnered with to keep your information as secure as possible and to make creating an account as simple as possible, especially for those not as technologically inclined (i.e. myself). All you’ll need to do is enter an email address, create a strong password (check out our last listicle for tips on creating hacker-proof passwords), and check the terms of service and privacy policy boxes.

Follow The IRS on Social Media

Sometimes you need to get creative when trying to reach the IRS. Following the revenue service on social media is a great way to keep updated on new tax tips, deadlines, and even get your questions answered.

And if all else fails, tweeting or DMing them might be the best method to get answers to your questions. Nevertheless, do not share your personal information on public social media platforms.

Below is a list of all the IRS social media accounts:

Twitter – The IRS tweets daily through different social media accounts, geared towards their specific audiences.

  • @IRSNews provides tax-related announcements and tax tips in English.
  • @IRSenEspañol provides tax-related announcements and tax tips in Spanish.
  • @IRStaxpros offers news and support for tax professionals.
  • @RecruitmentIRS provides current leads on IRS employment opportunities.

Youtube – The IRS’s Youtube channel offers tax tips in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language.

Making an Appointment at Your Local IRS Office

Making an appointment at an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center can save you time and effort of Googling your queries with no results.

You can call the IRS at  844-545-5640 to make an appointment and find a nearby center with this Contact Your Local Office tool.

When visiting a center, please come prepared with these items:

  • Current government-issued photo identification,
  • Social Security cards and/or ITIN numbers for members of their household, including spouse and dependents (if applicable) and
  • Any IRS letters or notices received and related documents.
  • A current mailing address,
  • An email address and
  • Bank account information, to receive payments or refunds by direct deposit.

Intuit Turbo Tax

Free and easy is the name of the game.

Intuit Turbo Tax has you covered for all your tax filing needs. Chat online with a tax representative or check out Turbo Tax’s blog to resolve any concerns you may have about the IRS, learn more about what you may need for filing quarterly taxes, and be reassured that you’ll have all the support you need with the click of a button.

Reaching out To Your Accountant

As a business owner, you may be your own accountant; however, having an actual accountant in this instance may be the thing to solve all your issues. When you need to get answers to your tax questions within a moment’s notice and are having trouble reaching an IRS representative, hiring an accountant will be the most efficient way to file your taxes.

And unlike contacting the IRS via social media, you can receive answers to all of your personal questions.


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