Good Job Performance Management Techniques for Entrepreneurs


Mastering Job Performance Management

job performance management,

Motivating your employees to put forth their best work, and maintain their enthusiasm, requires good job performance management. It’s more than simply overseeing your team’s workload. It requires developing strong camaraderie between employees and motivating your team to want to give their best.

Some of the most thriving businesses in the world take seriously the role of managing job performance, by fostering an atmosphere of teamwork and motivation. One executive from Zoom Video Communications says this about his company: 

“Fantastic company culture of ‘Happiness.’ You feel it every day and you can’t wait to come to work because you feel ‘cared for.'” 

If you’ve been wondering how to create an atmosphere of happiness and productivity in your business, consider implementing these job performance management strategies:

Take a proactive approach.

“Properly used, positive reinforcement is extremely powerful.”

 ~B.F. Skinner

It’s far better to offer positive reinforcement regularly than wait until employee morale is down and have to deal with disgruntled team members.

Take a proactive approach by leading your team with positive, verbal affirmations for their job performance contributions. Provide incentives that encourage them to go above and beyond in their work. Here are a few incentives to consider offering your team members:

  • Gift certificates or other monetary rewards
  • Extra time off or added vacation days
  • End of quarter bonuses
  • Friendly competitions that inspire fun and creativity
  • Recognition of accomplished milestones

Once you determine what types of incentives will fuel your employees to give their best, you can step back and watch as they put forth optimal effort in their field of expertise.

Job Performance Management Tip: Keep communication open.

No employee likes to feel like they can’t speak up when issues arise. Having an “open door” communication policy allows them to freely discuss any challenges that hinder their job performance.

By keeping the lines of communication open, you’ll be able to address the smaller issues, rather than wait until problems balloon into serious obstacles. According to this article from Leadership Choice, “One of the most powerful benefits of better communication in the workplace is more engaged employees.”

Ultimately, having engaged team members is a huge part of good job performance. Foster an environment of open communication and promote frequent discussions on how to propel the business forward.

Offer leadership coaching for best Job Performance Management Techniques

Some employees are greatly motivated by in-house coaching services that provide the knowledge and skills to accomplish their goals. Consider offering leadership training within your company, and establish a coaching team for your business. Not only will your employees feel supported, but they will also have the guidance to perform well and achieve desired results within the company.

According to this resource, “Organizations see coaching not only as a means to shape individual performance but also, increasingly, as a means to build broader organizational capacity.”

Don’t underestimate the power of leadership coaching in your business. It may very well provide the network of support you need to ensure every employee is motivated and inspired to offer top job performance.

Performing a Good Job by Delegate the distractions.

If good job performance is one of your main focuses, delegate the tasks that are distracting you from actually managing your employees well. Think of the jobs that take up most of your time, or the jobs that don’t align with your strengths, and delegate them to other qualified members of your team. You can even consider outsourcing these tasks through platforms like Upwork or Toptal

Delegating distracting tasks will allow you to zero in on good job performance management and devote your time and energy in making your team the best it can be.

Here are several jobs to consider delegating or outsourcing:

  • Payroll accounts and delivery
  • Order processing and delivery
  • Data entry and analysis
  • Networking
  • Social media posting
  • Web design and updating
  • Blog posts/podcasts
  • Article writing
  • Advertising

Don’t be hesitant to focus on your particular management strengths and spend most of your time fostering good job performance in your business. Leave the distracting tasks to others and lead with newfound confidence.

Be an example for Bigger Ideas

Often, employees hear one thing from their employer, but see something entirely different being demonstrated. Commit to being a manager of integrity and a trustworthy example to your team. Make sure your words always align with your actions, and you aren’t making any promises you can’t keep. By leading through example, you will build both trust and authority, which will ultimately lead to better job performance.

Check out these 8 Tips for Managing Your Team Effectively.

Good job performance management is not only possible, it is crucial for the health and integrity of your business. Make team management a priority and take a proactive approach by communicating well, developing a coaching team, delegating tasks, and leading by example. Soon, your team will be out-performing every other business in your field.


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