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REVIEW: Wegmans Grocery Store: a Great EXPERIENCE


Wegman’s is an AMAZING Grocery Store, Pricey but Great Selection

While visiting upstate New York recently for an extended amount of time, I had my first “experience” grocery shopping. This is not something I had ever heard of but it was certainly something I had now done.

I’ve been in MANY stores around the country like Ralph’s, Kroger, Vons, Tops, Whole Foods and Trader Joes … but I have NEVER seen a store like Wegmans. Wegmans is a family-owned regional store on the east coast and the first thing I noticed when walking in was great jazz music and  I’m not much of a Jazz fan. The music was on a great system as well and didn’t have the usual cheap sound you usually hear or don’t pay much attention to when you walk into a grocery store.


While I am not a big fan of buffet’s it was the first one that I saw that was clean and monitored. I’ve seen some of the most disgusting people at grocery store buffets but there was enough traffic that it was constantly rotating. The food looked and smelled good. The sushi bar had a huge variety of staff making fresh sushi on the spot and their deli sandwiches were amazing with fresh bread (not packaged like many major chains use). What I really like about the store is you felt like taking your time and staying longer. Usually, I’m in and out of the store as fast as possible but this store was different. Unfortunately, we don’t have great

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