Hip Hop Legends Use Celebrity to Leverage Savvy Entrepreneur Deals

More times than not in today’s media black men are portrayed in a negative light and the music industry sometimes gets that same stigma …

… but the combination of black men in music and with the recent headlines black music have been BAD! The good news is that there are a large group of black men in music who are doing power business moves not just in the United States but across the globe.

By Lamonte Hayes

Just like 77% of all Americans, it’s early morning and I’m checking my Instagram feed and I come across a post from Diddy, Puff, Sean Combs or one of his many other monikers. You could easily consider his eyes and tell he was having a rough time even before you hit the play button. He started to speak and his words had so much passion on how “Sometimes you think your purpose is one thing BUT life is ever changing and its levels to this SHIT!’ “You gotta redesign and clarify your purpose” This post stuck with me most of the day. Later that same day I canvassed the financial sections in Wall Street Journal and The New York Times and I realized that several black men in the music have embraced life with ALL its changes and redesigned themselves and clarified their business and are making power business moves!  Click NEXT below to see more hip hop entrepreneurs

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