Hip Hop Legends Use Celebrity to Leverage Savvy Entrepreneur Deals

Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones is also known as Nasty Nas or just plain Nas is one of hip hops finest also comes across my social media feed making financial headlines as on the Wall Street Journal page as online platform Pluto TV is being sold to The Viacom Corporation for $340 Million dollars. The Pluto TV platform offers its users more than 100 streamable live TV channels and on-demand programming for free and NAS and his financial equity firm Queensbridge Venture invested in the Pluto TV platform back in 2014. Bravo!

In 2013 Nas established the Queens Bridge Venture Partners firm and was quoted saying “I’ve always wanted to be surrounded by the smartest people in the world, and didn’t want to limit it to just music,” Over the past 5 years QBVP has enjoyed sizable financial victories like Pill Pack, which is a door-to-door pharmacy service that was acquired by Amazon in 2018. The exact terms of the deal were not being officially disclosed but sources close to the deal say it was for just under $1 billion.

Currently, the QBVP portfolio includes several online platforms like Robin Hood, Splash and House Party that some say are next to a big hit in Silicon Valley.

Another co-owned Nas venture Sweet Chick recently made news headlines. This chicken and waffle micro chain during the recent federal government shutdown where over 800,000 federal workers experienced the longest government shutdown in United States history gave free meals to federal employees at their locations in New York and Los Angeles which is where many vowed to return after they were put back to work.

I think this was a wonderful community give back and a great business move.

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