Jasmine Sanders Host Impact Television Network Covid in Color Townhall Special


Jasmine Sanders, known for her work on the nationally syndicated radio and television program the DL Hugley show, brings her dynamic style, powerful voice, and warm spirit to the Impact Television Network for a special Covid in Color townhall beginning Sunday, October 3 at 11:30 AM EST. “Covid in Color tells me right away that Covid has affected people of color,” says Jasmine, “and I think that no one sees that more than this network.”

Jasmine Sanders

The Impact Network is the preeminent channel for uplifting and positive programming for the African American community. The Impact Network is the most significant 100% privately owned African American, an inspirational TV network in the world, focused on urban faith, family, lifestyle, culture, and positive, impactful entertainment with a broadcast footprint of 93 million Homes.

The main objective of Covid in Color is to raise awareness regarding the pandemic’s effect on the Black community both physically and socially and to explore solutions of recovery and revitalization for Communities of Color, specifically the Black community.

Covid in Color begins airing on Sunday, October 3, 2021, at 11:30 AM Eastern on the Impact Network. Where Jasmine curates conversations from experts, leaders, influencers, and everyday people, the Covid in Color townhall segments examine the impact of the pandemic on African-American education, business, and healthcare. Participants include health professionals, educators, social workers, community leaders, entrepreneurs, and more.

The format of these forums blends in-studio roundtable discussions with on-the-ground coverage, where correspondents speak first-hand with everyday people about their Covid-19 recovery concerns.


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