Know Your Value or it will be Falsely Determined


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Are People Coming to you for your services? Then you have VALUE. KNOW YOUR VALUE

Have you ever heard about the person having a garage sale and they have a painting for $2 that ends up being a collector’s item? The person who buys it then sells it for millions and the original owner tries to get the money back claiming they didn’t know the actual value? Well look at your business like that. If you don’t know the value you will sell yourself short. The fact that people come to you for your services indicates VALUE. You have something they want and they need. DON’T BE FOOLED!

Over the last couple of years, I have written about the many ways we get taken advantage of as black entrepreneurs. What I have not addressed too often is what we do to ourselves. In an effort to gain clients, we will often give too much information in selling our services. If a potential client asks too many questions, know when someone is trying to buy or just trying to get information for free. When someone comes to you and asks for a favor agree to it with a price tag and feel no guilt. This is a business not a welfare agency.

They see your value, do you? You can offer them a discount but never EVER free. If they get upset… so be it. They see your value which is why they came to you. They need YOU so you charge them if not, expect them to keep coming to you for free. Finally, if someone puts your brand down in a slick way by saying something like “I’m helping you get the word out about what you do” or “Nobody really knows who you are” etc…. kindly move on.  They are acting as if they are helping YOU and that you will give them what they want for free or a super steep discount in return and it’s a test of your personal and business esteem. They may also balk at your prices. If they do shrug your shoulders and tell them to contact you when they are ready. If others are willing to pay for what you are asking, you are on the right track.
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