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10 Tips to Make More Money with Your business

Look at what you are producing. Are you up to date?

Make More Money

This is a HUGE mistake I have seen people make in the music industry and my business. The music industry is very fast paced and things can literally change from week-to-week. Many small businesses in the industry are not up to date. They are run by one person who doesn’t have a staff and who constantly uses excuses for not hiring anyone like they don’t have the extra money. You have to spend money to make more money. Most times we DO have the money even for assignment based jobs but we are often cheap and greedy and we don’t want to share our profits.

There are some people who legitimately need the money but most people I come across could cut out the cable they never watch at home and put that money into building their brands. You will NEVER have the extra money if you are not up to date and if you don’t spend some to make some (wisely of course). Hiring family is not a good idea because they may or may not want to do what YOU do and it creates problems. Hire someone even part-time or on assignment who is strong where you are weak. If you are not able to keep up with current trends in your industry it will be very obvious in what you produce. Don’t take that chance because once you are labeled “dated” you are just that and potential clients will lose interest in you.

Make More Money with Your Business:

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