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Stop using your Tenure

Make More Money

People who use their tenure to bully clients into buying are mere crybabies. Your tenure is meaningless if you are dated and at times it can even work AGAINST you because you will appear OLD. Bullying someone with your tenure is not going to help y ou make more money when you are producing a crappy product. I have had this problem for years with competitors who ALWAYS call my clients whenever they see an ad on my site or my publications. They moan and groan like kids in a playground about being left out and how they have worked so many years in the industry and should have the same benefit as my brands do but they never do the work.

They copy and steal from others (including me) and want their own credit for it. They do that because their products suck and the clients often come back and tell me this. Focus on the product FIRST. What is it that you can do that nobody else, even competitors can’t do? If you can’t come up with anything, like my competitors can’t you will rely on whining and bellyaching about being left out like its a child’s baseball game and you were the last to be chosen. Clients are outrageously annoyed by business owners like this and if you have to struggle especially after your first year in business and you don’t have several steady clients… something is wrong.

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