Meet the Four-Year-Old Entrepreneur that is Making Money With Her Magic Fingers

Mariah Morning is the four years old daughter of Angela Tatum Morning, who lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Mariah recently launched her own business called Mariah’s Munchies, in which she sells her homemade baked goods with the help of her mother, who had to be her source and guide.

According to an interview done by KNTV; Mariah’s story begins with her mother noticing some differences in the pastries she made, this little girl got her recipes from both her mum and grandmother and she has always had a passion for cooking.

Mariah’s mother noticed that her daughter’s baked goods were exceptionally delicious and with unique shapes invention and decided to allow Mariah sell them, the goal was for her to learn financial literacy and how to manage money.

Angela Mariah’s mother figured this could be the birth of a big stable future for Mariah. The business which happens to be the dreams of her grandmother and mother was thereby fulfilled.
Mariah Munchies was officially launched with many people in attendance from their community, including various vendors who came to taste her delicious pastries, the launch caused a substantial increase in orders.

Mariah and her family have in the same way given back to the community from her business by donating some of the leftover munch boxes to Cleveland VA fisher’s House.
Assuringly it must be said that this young black entrepreneur is sure on her way to becoming highly successful.

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